viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

Another dream, another battle

That's the way it goes, another dream making you feel unsafe, another battle ahead against ghosts and demons... and so it goes as it was going and it will end up just the same way it did. I don't want that end no more and so do you. Let's leave that where it belongs, in our past, and keep on moving towards our future, whatever it brings.

I'm still sick of love, i do still have certain nightmares too but I am strong enough to leave them behind and keep my head rised. I can be your superhero, let me be the stick you grab to stand up and walk, but i can't help you if you keep looking back and shadowing your remorses to evade confronting them. Let's walk together and escape from this storm and look for the sun in another place.

I'm waiting for you princess. I love you.

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malofo dijo...

The present is no other thing than a gift for us to enjoy so, go for it!